Zack Raab
Digital Marketing Strategist
Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Hi there! Welcome to my site. 👋

I'm an experienced digital marketer with a diverse skill-set and a strong passion for baseball and sports. I'm actively searching for an invigorating and challenging marketing or customer experience role in the industry.

This past year has been filled with immense growth and I've become a more well-rounded and knowledgable individual and professional, eager to make a positive impact on the product I'm most passionate about. Here is the personal and professional mission statement that I recently wrote.

Switching gears in life to passionately pursue a goal isn't easy, but maybe you can help me achieve it and I can help you as well. Let's be in touch!


- Zack

My Qualities:


From a small detail to the big picture, I am constantly on the lookout for ways to improve. I'm always ready to tackle a new task to help achieve a team vision.

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The ideation side of my head never sleeps. I often speak in puns and seeing a new, creative ad or marketing campaign always gets me excited!

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I am always reading, observing, asking questions, and talking to people. I'm driven to constantly learn and teach what I know to those around me.

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My Passions:


Baseball is my ultimate passion. It has helped shape the person I am today and I hope to help increase its growth through the next generation.

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I believe that building an emotional connection with the audience or customer is a key aspect of any successful company or individual.

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Helping Others

The best way to reinforce knowledge is to share it and teach others - as I've begun doing with some private digital marketing (and other) consulting work.

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