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"Can you bring Zack to our next meeting together?" - A CEO of a rising Israeli tech startup to my former CEO.


That cool moment happened in 2018 after I had been invited to join a company meeting with the CEO and other top employees of a rising startup. The user experience suggestions that I gave to his team clearly made a positive impression on him. That moment reinforced how much joy and excitement I get in sharing value from my areas of expertise to assist people and companies in achieving greater results. 💡

 Here are the areas where I've provided value to past clients:

Digital Marketing & Advertising

Digital Marketing and Advertising

Easing the daunting task of understanding the crowded (but very important) digital marketing and advertising landscape.

Personal Growth

Personal Branding and Social Media

Sharing best practices that I've learned over the years on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and personal sites.


e-Commerce and Web Design

Using the skills I learned from working at three fast-moving e-commerce startups to improve user experience and web design.

Resume & LinkedIn

LinkedIn and

 Resume Writing

Assisting with fine-tuning resumes, building an impressive LinkedIn profile, and better understanding the platform.


Daniel Battat


Zack always comes through with insightful and well-thought out business and marketing advice. In our work together, I am always impressed with his ability to quickly grasp our unique business challenges, and help us identify focused and actionable resolutions. Zack is truly a pleasure to work with; his talents and drive would be an invaluable asset for any business.

Gila Bublick

City of David

I reached out to Zack for assistance branding our company's Twitter account. Zack helped me understand how to use Twitter to reach our audience and share our stories. Furthermore, he had great tips and tricks on how Twitter works. I am very grateful for his patience and expertise!

Tamar Harow

Elevate Designs by Tamar

Zack was like a breath of fresh air for my LinkedIn page. His keen sense of marketing and tech know-how really helped me update my profile. His step-by-step professional tips were easy to follow and made such a difference. Already recommended him to friends!

Jon Kaweblum

Zack did an amazing job pinpointing who our market was, where to find them and how to reach them. Zack's command of copy, web advertising and social media was instrumental to our marketing plans.

Ben Leschins

Men's Lifestyle Blogger

Zack’s multi-talent expertise allowed me to gain more confidence as I continue to grow my online presence, particularly with LinkedIn, Twitter and blogging. His advice is invaluable and will surely be of help to anyone he works with!

Lior Goldstein

Investment Specialist

I didn't know where to get started in digital marketing until I spoke with Zack. He took time out of his day to walk me through the basics and to provide me with additional resources that I have found to be incredibly helpful. Can't thank him enough!

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